UPDATE: Little Maddie & Conrad Missing after Their Mom Was Found D.e.a.d, ‘Massive’ Search Ongoing – Live News Pro

A South Carolina mom died after her family was caught in a flash flood. A few members survived after the torrent of water swept the family away. While the deluge threatened to wash everyone away, the mother tried to get two of her kids to safety. Her young ones are still missing.

Tragedy struck in Pennsylvania over the weekend when a flash flood spilled into the streets, sweeping away cars and filling houses. When the sudden downpour hit, 11 vehicles were caught in the torrent of water while standing on the General Washington Memorial Boulevard.

The death toll currently stands at five, although a few people are still missing. Among those who lost their lives in the unexpected flood is 32-year-old Katie Seley, a South Carolina mom who was visiting relatives with her family when the unexpected happened.

While Katie lost her life, her husband, Jim Sheils, their oldest son, Jack, 4, and her 62-year-old mother, Dahlia, luckily survived the flood. Although three family members were safe, Katie and her mother tried to get the other two children, Mattie and Conrad, to safety. Despite their efforts, the torrent’s force overpowered them, snatching them away from their desperate grasp.

While the family has refrained from speaking to the press directly, they have asked a spokesperson to communicate on their behalf to explain what happened. The spokesperson explained that the family visiting family and friends in Pennsylvania were going to a barbeque when the torrent of water suddenly hit them.

Thankfully, the grandmother could muster her strength and pull herself out of the raging current of water. Shortly after the harrowing incident, she was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Search teams showed up soon after the flood started and recovered Katie’s body in the wreckage left behind by the flash storm. Tragically, the family’s other two children weren’t found yet.

Katie, her husband, their three kids, and Katie’s mom were spending some time with relatives when the flash flood struck without warning. The family was in their car when the water spilled through the streets, and Jim had to act fast. He managed to get his oldest son to safety while his wife and mother-in-law tried to grab the other two kids.

The family also thanked the community for their unwavering support, noting that it has helped them remain strong during this challenging time.

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