Optical Illusion Reveals What Kind of Lover You Are

For those who have experienced it, confessing one’s love can be one of the toughest experiences out there. However, it is also one of the most fulfilling and appreciative gestures you can do for another person as a lover. For any relationship, saying “I Love You” aloud is vital.

Be that as it may, some lovers say it directly and often, while others prefer to show it through gestures. Even more common are the tiny acts we do secretly while keeping our loved ones in mind that usually go unnoticed by both people.

The usual lesson, however, is that romantic relationships, especially, need everyone involved to be as communicative as possible. We should be confident enough to say what we feel whenever required. At the same time, we should be as attentive as possible to how we show that love to our partners, be it actions or speaking the phrase.

As such, we bring you today’s test that can help you determine your personal method of showing love.

This knowledge can deepen an existing romantic bond and help you understand and appreciate your partner more. After all, intimacy and how much you know your partner are vital keys to a long and stable relationship. You can take this quick personality test to learn more about each other’s love languages.

Take a look at this image, and note the first thing that you notice:

Here are the explanations, according to what you noticed first:
The Face:
Your intuitive abilities have a reputation for being correct often. You are also someone who has big dreams and can set and achieve serious goals. While people around you are scrambling around over details, you already have an impeccable plan in action, and in which you have unshakeable confidence. You are born to be a leader, and your calm aura attests to it.

Your love language is finding time to spend together. As a lover, it’s not all about the cliché romantic tropes. Realistically, penciling someone into a schedule, regardless of the intensity and business of the period, is a highly valuable love expression. You are usually too busy for anything. So, making them a priority proves how vital they are. All they need to do is see it.

The Trees:
You are possibly someone who has experienced quite a bit of hurt so far. As a lover, the emotional baggage you carry is a concern that comes with any new relationship. Regardless, you are more sensitive than the average person to every action and word. As a result, what may not leave a single mark on someone else, can take up your entire mind and body for several months. You still have hope, but the scars show.

Your love language is the act of opening up. Being emotionally vulnerable is your best way of expressing intimacy as a lover. Saying appreciative words out loud and making thoughtful gestures are fine, but it only becomes real when you can share your deepest fears and hopes with the other person. To you, even a shred of emotional availability is immensely appreciated.

The Wolf:
Passionate is the term most people use to define you. You love desires connected to the flesh, and you have no lack of confidence when it comes to initiating them. You are someone who can jumpstart a party when you stroll into a room. There is no dearth of people visiting you at your mini-bar at home. At the same time, you never run out of romantic stories to share with your friends over a full dinner course that you made yourself.

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