My Mother-In-Law Doesn’t Want to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner I Cook, Plans to Bring Her Own Meals

A woman decided to host Thanksgiving at her house and worked hard all month to curate the menu.

She meticulously acquired all the necessary ingredients and planned a wide variety of dishes for the occasion.

However, her mood was ruined when her husband unexpectedly disclosed that his mother intended to bring her own dinner. Here’s how the woman responded.

On November 23, 2022, an anonymous female contributor turned to Reddit’s “AITA” forum to share her story. The woman, aged 32, planned to host Thanksgiving at her house that year. She spent the entire month crafting the menu and testing her recipes. Excitement filled her as she looked forward to sharing her cooking with family.

Throughout the planning and preparation, her 35-year-old husband offered support and assistance. All the ingredients were purchased, and she planned a delightful variety of dishes, including both traditional favorites and a few unique additions.

Her Husband’s Bombshell Revelation
On the day the woman posted her Reddit account, her husband dropped a bombshell, revealing that his mother wanted to bring her own dinner when she visited. Perplexed, the woman questioned the necessity, as she had prepared more than enough food at home.

In response, her husband labeled her as insensitive and petty, accusing her of ruining the holiday.

Her husband justified it by labeling his mother a “grade A picky eater” who wouldn’t “like” anything the woman had prepared. Finding this reasoning ridiculous, she argued that her menu was familiar, offering plenty of choices. Despite her objections, he saw his mother bringing her own dinner as a “good compromise.”

The woman disagreed, believing it would be an evident commentary on her cooking, causing humiliation as her mother-in-law ate something entirely different in front of everyone, seemingly making a point that her culinary efforts were not up to par.

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