Andie MacDowell struts the streets in a chic casual dress, with her gorgeous silvery hair framing her makeup-free face

A beloved actor since her on-screen debut in the 1980s, silver-haired starlet Andie MacDowell is now promoting gray pride. She was previously recognized for her unusual curly brown locks.

MacDowell, who is aging gracefully, admitted that she enjoys “comparing herself to George Clooney, because why not?”

Andie MacDowell is a 65-year-old natural beauty who has nothing to hide. She became a senior citizen on April 21st.

The southern belle began her career as a model for upscale labels like Armani, Yves St Laurent, and Calvin Klein. She made her film debut in Greystroke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes in 1984. MacDowell played the part of Jane in the Oscar-nominated movie, but Glenn Close dubbed her voice because MacDowell’s drawl was too strong.

Then, the elegant, soft-spoken actor captivated the audience with an appearance next to the close-knit Brat Pack in a supporting role in St. Elmo’s Fire.

After that, she starred in Steven Soderbergh’s first feature film, Sex, Lies & Videotape (1989), for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe for the first time.

Her commercial success began with her starring role with Bill Murray in the influential 1983 film Groundhog Day, which went on to influence popular culture decades later. Her fame grew even more after her performance in the Hugh Grant comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral (1984).

Having gained notoriety as a method actor, MacDowell went on to play a variety of parts in movies such as Harrison’s Flowers and the family television series Cedar Cove.

It should come as no surprise that MacDowell, with her gorgeous brown hair, was chosen to star in TV ads for L’Oréal hair products.

MacDowell, who was recently spotted out and about in Cannes, proudly displays her makeup-free face, which is framed by her low bun of her now-gray, silver hair.

The Green Card actor flaunted her natural beauty while attending the 76th Cannes film festival. She wore a cozy white striped minidress, dark shades, and platform heels in shades of brown and black.

MacDowell earlier said that she embraced the coming of her gray locks during Covid. “At the very beginning of quarantine, my hair started growing and every time my kids would see me, they kept telling me I looked badass with my gray hair,” she said in an interview with Vogue.

“When I pulled it up in a bun, all you could see was the salt and pepper, which is what I am, you know, dark and silver. I like to compare myself to George Clooney because why not? I’ve been saying for a while now it was time for me, personally, to make that transition because I felt like it was appropriate for my personality and just who I am.”

And despite her managers saying that “It’s not the time” for her to go gray, she said, “I’m going to be more powerful if I embrace where I am right now. It’s time…If I don’t do it now, I won’t have the chance to be salt and pepper. I always wanted to be salt and pepper!”

McDowell published a picture of herself on the cover of Style magazine in 2022, showcasing her natural appearance and gray hair.”As we age, we deserve dignity and pride,” was her caption. “We deserve to feel glorious,” she went on. I’ve always maintained that beauty has no expiration date.

Her acting career also has no end in sight.

Together with her 28-year-old daughter Margaret Qualley, whom she had with her ex-husband Paul Qualley, MacDowell starred in the Netflix drama series Main in 2021. Son Justin and daughter Rainey are MacDowell and Qualley’s other children; they were married in 1986 and divorced in 1999.

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