This is how Jethro Bodine looks today

Though he is best known for being Jethro Bodine from The Beverly Hillbillies, what became of this legendary character after the show ended?

At the age of eighty-four, this is Max Baer Jr.

A comedy show The Beverly Hillbillies followed the story of the Clampett family, with Buddy Ebsen’s Jed Clampett amassing wealth at a startling rate.

Jed decided to move to Beverly Hills, California, after becoming an overnight fortune. When does the plot take a turn? The family continued to live in the country.

The streetwise one of the many well-known figures who Jed brought along with him was from the Clampett family.

Jethro Bodine, the son of Jed’s cousin, Pearl, was played by Max Baer Jr, a naive and borderline dimwitted man who demonstrated his excellent arithmetic skills with his multiplication classic “five gozinta five one times, five gozinta ten two times.”

The Beverly Hillbillies’ initial 1962 broadcast was a smashing success. Within the first three weeks of its debut, the show, according to IMDB, rose to the top spot faster than any other program in television history.

Television audiences loved the program. Until being cancelled in 1971, it ran for 11 years, spanning nine seasons and 274 episodes.

Four Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe nomination for Best TV Comedy were given to The Beverly Hillbillies in 1964.

Max, on the other hand, had a ridiculous, year-round grin. More significantly, he made everyone believe that his character, Jethro Bodine, was actually real with his chuckle, which caused everyone else to laugh.

By listening to recordings of Andy Griffith and Jonathan Winters, Max developed his southern drawl. He was able to accomplish this while retaining a continually amusing expression on his face.

Max Baer Jr. rose to fame as an American comedian by portraying the shabby-chic Jethro. Also, the program gave Max his big break.


Sadly, things in his life did not turn out as he had hoped after the show. The man who created the iconic Jethro Bodine figure is the subject of this narrative.

On December 4, 1937, Max Baer Jr. was born in Oakland, California. He is the child of Mary Ellen Sullivan and boxing great Max Baer.

Baer Jr. would take a very long time to break into the acting industry. In the Blackpool Pavilion in England, he made an appearance in a theater production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in 1949.

In the end, a mix of chance, good fortune, and a lot of self-assurance helped him land a lifetime role in The Beverly Hillbillies.

Before relocating to Santa Clara for school, Baer Jr. was raised in Sacramento. He earned a Bachelor of Business Management from Santa Clara University in 1959, but a year later he found himself in a parking lot in Los Angeles.

The year after graduating, Max Baer Jr. made the decision to travel to Los Angeles by motorcycle. On the Warner Bros. set, he injured himself, and a manager recognized him as James Garner.

Baer Jr. wanted to try acting after being discovered. He signed his first one-year contract right away, despite having no experience in acting. Instead, he decided it was better to just go for it.

On television series like 77 Sunset Strip, Maverick, and Hawaiian Eye, he had small roles and cameos.


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