Eight Fun Facts About Alan Jackson’s Life & Career

Learn A Little More About Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson is one of the most highly respected artists in country music.

His songs such as “Drive,” “Good Time,” and “Remember When,” have served as the soundtrack to country fans’ lives for decades. What makes Jackson truly remarkable is the fact that he writes many of his songs himself.

Jackson has now been on the public stage for years, but he started out his life as the son of poor parents in Newnan, Georgia. He’s lived one eventful life since then, filled with hit songs and prestigious awards.

You already know that Jackson is an amazing artist. But we bet you didn’t know that he has a cousin who’s a famous baseball player!

You’re about to learn more about all of that…along with seven other fun facts about Jackson, his career, and his life.

1. He Didn’t Really Like Music When He Was A Kid

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