During a school board meeting, a teacher in Loudoun County quits in tears over CRT lessons.

Critical race theory is talked about after a teacher quits.

Laura Morris, a teacher in Virginia, quit her job in a big way after coming out against how common critical race theory and other political goals are in public schools.

In her moving statement to the Loudoun County School Board, she explained why she was leaving and what would happen after the “equity trainings.”

A Message From The Heart

Many years ago, Laura Morris was a teacher at Lucketts Elementary School in Leesburg, Virginia. She used the forum to say that she didn’t like the way the school board was moving forward.

She gave an angry speech about how disgusted she was with how much stress was put on “equity trainings” and how political beliefs were forced on the students.

Morris quit her job because, according to critical race theory, she felt like she had to share controversial ideas with kids, who are often the target of these kinds of ideas.

Problems with the right to free speech

Morris said that things had gotten so bad that staff members were given forms to fill out if they saw anyone speaking out against what the school board was doing.

People were worried that this move might make it harder for people to speak their minds and have open conversations in school.

Morris remembers hearing in equity trainings that “white, Christian, able-bodied females” held most of the power in schools. This made the talks even more contentious, and it was said that this needed to change.

She wrote in her retirement letter that these trainings had made her feel bad, which led to conversations about how to deal with these points of view in the classroom.

Taking a Strong Stand (The End)

At the end of her message, Laura Morris said something strong that made it sound like she was leaving because she didn’t agree with the school board’s political goals.

Her leaving brought to light the problems teachers face when they try to encourage open communication while also following rules set by the school that may go against their own views.

Critical race theory and educational equality are still being debated across the country, so it is important for schools to carefully think about how to deal with these problems without compromising values like open communication and respecting everyone’s point of view.

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