The now-73-year-old was a major sports figure in the ’70s. She broke a world record and won gold at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal; after her athletic career ended, she found work in the entertainment industry.

Previously known as Bruce Jenner, the former Olympic athlete has made headlines in recent years after disclosing her transgender identity and therapy with hormones.

Her bravery in making this choice has made Jenner an inspiration to many.

Issuing forth In 2015, Jenner courageously revealed her transgender identity, despite being concerned about how her family would respond.

‘Oh, it’s over,’ I thought to myself that night. My heart is racing… Jenner recalls, “and I thought wouldn’t the easiest thing to be right now.”

Jenner has officially started living her new, quite different life as of today. Somewhat sporadically, Kendall and Kylie will still refer to her as “dad.” Despite the muddle, she insisted she had no issues with it.

I remember us talking a few years ago and you saying it was fine if we still called you dad. The question was posed by Kylie to her father in a video posted to her YouTube page.

Jenner divorced ex-wife Kris Jenner in the same year she came out as transgender. The divorce was finalized in that year, and the ex-athlete is now free to pursue her own goals in life. Caitlyn, who will turn 74 later this month, highlighted the fact that she is currently unmarried in a recent interview.

This big news about Caitlyn Jenner.

In a recent interview with The Times, Jenner talked about her love life and revealed something she swore she’d never do again.

Feeling good. I’m not even remotely interested in dating. Never again will I be in a committed relationship. I don’t think that will ever happen to me. I’m not in the market for it.

Despite her three marriages ending in divorce, the former reality star claims she is fine with being alone. Bertha and Baxter, her two dogs, are her “very large family” and constant companions. To add insult to injury, she proclaimed, “Every night of the week I could go to somebody’s house and have dinner.”

Rather than dating around, Jenner has been channeling her energy into various hobbies that bring her joy – such as flying airplanes and playing golf. Despite her past Olympic achievements, Caitlyn describes herself as “a relatively simple person” and added “it doesn’t take a lot to entertain me […] I fly airplanes. Play a lot of golf… I raced cars for 20-odd years. Racing cars is not the greatest way to make money or a career or business. You do it because it’s fun.”

In a recent appearance on the UK show This Morning, Jenner addressed her relationship with ex-wife Kris Jenner, stating: “Well, Kris, I really never talk to anymore.” She also said that communication between the pair is usually through her manager.

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