Father praised for choosing to carry his large dog instead his small son

A heartwarming video that confused but enchanted viewers showed a dad strolling with his little child and a large dog in his arms.

Mexican Luz Elena captured a picture of a father holding his small son’s hand while carrying a large gray pit bull, the dog’s tongue wagging as its head draped over the man’s shoulder.

In Elena’s cute and funny TikTok animation, “When your priority is your dog, not the child,” which serves as a discussion starter about family priorities, the father, dog, and youngster are seen crossing the street and proceeding down the sidewalk.

A woman who was dragging a child’s three-wheeled stroller or bike that was carrying a huge packaged item appeared to join the group of three as they approached the sidewalk.

The boy had to walk, according to a TikTok user, because his mother had taken his car. “Nobody observed the mother pushing the tricycle from behind. The kid is now walking since mom put something in the trike. Maybe the dog is sick?

Others argued that since the sidewalk was too warm for the dog’s paws and the child’s shoes were protecting the child’s feet, the puppy should be carried. Someone remarks, “This is actually really sweet. The dog is carrying him since it’s probably too hot for his paws to be on the pavement.

Most people applauded the father for carrying the puppy, illustrating the growing popularity of non-traditional, interspecies families that are now regularly complete with a furry child..


It’s incredibly sweet how this parent is displaying his love for both his dog and his child. We wish that everyone shared the same degree of animal compassion. What do you think of this father?

Because he holds his son by the hand, “he is (demonstrating) a great deal of empathy and responsibility for his pet and his son. a thousand blessings. one individual only. Another person adds: “Super dad. I know how much he loves the kid and the dog. I would have followed suit. Kid is wearing shoes, but the dog is not. It also seems heated. Also, his mother was present; perhaps he wanted to stroll.”

Despite being posted by Luz more than a year ago, this adorable video has nearly 4.7 million views and is still getting a lot of attention.

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