Stray Kitten Hired As The World’s Cutest Partner After Being Saved By The Police

Earlier this week, Officer J.N. Rowsey of the Durham Police Department in North Carolina left for work without knowing that she would answer a call that would forever alter her life.

But by the end of the day, two lives would have been transformed for the better.

While on routine patrol through a neighborhood, Rowsey and her partner spotted a tiny kitten who was all alone, scared and in distress. The officers decided to stop, dropping everything to lend the kitten a helping hand.

“[They] searched the neighborhood in an attempt to find the kitten’s owner or its mother,” the Durham Police Department wrote. “But [they] had no luck.”

The small stray kitten’s lack of an owner or a home finally became apparent. However, that quickly began to alter.

The kitten spent a short while in Officer Rowsey’s kind company before deciding to adopt her as her mother. Rowsey was compelled to take it.

Rowsey now has the sweetest new companion ever.

It started off as an usual trip to assist an animal in need, but it turned into the beginning of a lifelong connection.

The police agency reported that “the happy cat found a new home with one of the policemen.” She settled in right away and is overjoyed to have picked Officer Rowsey as her new home.

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