Hugs Every Grumpy Cat He Meets After Hating Being Touched Before

When Humphrey was discovered with severe injuries laying in the center of a highway intersection, he was just 4 months old. He was fortunately taken to Hands of Mercy Cat Sanctuary where a group of committed rescuers immediately began providing him with life-saving treatment.

As he recovered, the little orange cat’s rescuer, Brenda Wilkson, noticed his spirit was always calm and strong. So, she gave him the name Humphrey, which means “peaceful warrior.”

“I could tell he was a survivor, and I wanted him to know I knew that,” Wilkinson told The Dodo.

But there was one thing the peaceful warrior did not tolerate: humans. “He was terrified of everything,” Wilkinson said.

Despite the fact that Humphrey felt uncomfortable with any type of love or affection, Wilkinson persisted in trying to help him.

It took him a little less a month to purr for me, according to Wilkinson. Humphrey began purring, and he never stopped.

She said, “He purrs all the time.” All you have to do to get him to start is to stare at him.

Humphrey started spreading love to the other cats at the sanctuary as soon as he started accepting it from Wilkinson. He paid special attention to those who felt like he once did: “Everybody that needs a little nurturing,” Wilkinson said, “I find them hugging Humphrey.”

Benny, affectionately referred to as “Angry Benny” by his Hands of Mercy family, is one of the numerous cats that entered the refuge too afraid to accept affection. According to Wilkinson, Angry Benny will take consolation from Humphrey at the refuge even if the wild kitten is still not a lover of people.

Humphrey is able to not only put a paw on Benny — a task his rescuers are still attempting to accomplish — but also bring him in for a snuggle when necessary with his gentle warrior aura. Wilkinson remarked, “He’s like a tiny love magnet.” “I have no idea what that is.”

Some cats enter the refuge loathing human contact, while others are scared of the other cats. But ultimately they are drawn to Humphrey because of his magnetic personality.

This was the situation with Kevyn, who Wilkinson claimed did not “tolerate other cats.” But Humphrey’s compassionate paws quickly made their way to Kevyn’s body, where they have remained ever since.

Till he was well enough to be adopted, Humphrey was only intended to be at Hands of Mercy. Humphrey will now get to spend the rest of his days showing affection to other cats who just need a buddy as the sanctuary’s resident nurturer.

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