This White Cat In The Clouds Is The Talk Of The Town

This is Clyde, a charming white cat with an outgoing demeanor.

It’s challenging to photograph this quality. But Clyde’s owner ended up doing it by pure chance.

Clyde resides with Amanda Hyslop, a Twitter user, and her partner. He enjoys keeping an eye on what’s happening at home, both inside and outside the window, like some kind of hairy, all-knowing deity.

A image recently showed such similarity.

Amanda revealed to The Dodo that “He has a tendency of looking at us from the front window whenever we leave.” When the clouds and his cat perch were perfectly aligned, I was attempting to photograph it.

And presto!

Just like that, Clyde took on the appearance of a heavenly being — a godly cloud cat, if you will.

Seeing the photo made Amanda do a double take.

“Took a pic of the cat looking out the window and accidentally turned him into some sort of god,” she wrote on Twitter.

People there agreed. Clyde’s cloud photo quickly went viral, earning the cat plenty of new admirers.

Was the image truly accidentally taken? Or was that a message? Clyde won’t speak.

He would undoubtedly adore the picture, Amanda thought. Many Twitter users said that I had merely caught his genuine shape, and I believe they are correct.

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