Elderly Man Adopts a Cat to Fight Loneliness After Losing His Wife

An elderly guy who visited his neighborhood pet shop to adopt a stray cat on the same day as his wife’s burial has touched the hearts of people online.

90-year-old Joan Pitel, who was 86 years old, and Gary Pitel were wed for 59 years. However, he and his family were concerned that he would be lonely when she died.

This long-term pair had traveled and accomplished everything together.

He made an announcement about wanting a cat as soon as possible at the luncheon held following Jean’s burial.

So he made his way to a nearby pet shop with his family in order to get a cat.

On arriving at their local PetSmart, a white cat named Evita immediately caught his eye.

But after finding a kitty that Gary thought would make the perfect companion, he had to go through the adoption checks.

His family were worried and told him not to get his hopes up because he may not be approved.

They didn’t need to worry, though, since he was authorized a day later, allowing Gary to properly greet his new buddy.

a sentimental Her moniker, Joansie, which belonged to Gary’s late wife, was given to her right away.

However, he ultimately chose the name Eva, and the two have since formed an unbreakable friendship.

Two year old Eva loves Gary very much, she follows him around his house and sleeps on the end of his bed every night.

Gary’s granddaughter Madison recorded his search, she then pieced together the clips and shared them on social media:

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