A Man Saves Abandoned Cat From The Busy Highway

Masz Masuri noticed something white on the road when he and his kid were traveling down a Malaysian highway. He initially believed it to be a piece of plastic. However, when he went closer, he saw pointed ears; it appeared to be a cat.

Masuri abruptly applied the brakes. Masuri jumped out of the car and went up to the cat, who was squeezed against the concrete barrier, shivering in terror despite the roaring traffic and drivers beeping.

Masuri, a co-founder of Kitty Konnexion Community, which aids stray cats in Singapore and Malaysia, described the animal as “traumatized and coated in mud” to The Dodo. The cat’s body was shaking and covered in its own feces, yet it made no effort to resist me or even flee.

Masuri scooped up the cat and placed him in the back seat of the vehicle. He gave the animal the name Danga Boy. Danga Boy hid beneath the bench and meowed loudly, yet he also appeared to be relieved.

“It looked like Danga Boy was strapped to either a harness or leash and dragged across the road when it got loose and as it tumbled, it probably fractured the leg in the process,” Masuri said.

Whatever had happened to Danga Boy had resulted in a fractured leg — it was so bad, Danga Boy couldn’t move his leg at all.

Danga Boy has been receiving care at a veterinary facility since since Masuri transported the cat there.

Masuri shared images of Danga Boy on social media the same night, which assisted him in finding a new family.

“A Good Samaritan offered to take over his case from us and request they not be named … to maintain their privacy, and we respect that,” Masuri said. “They even absorbed all medical bills from us and we ceased appeal for funds from then on.”

And as soon as Danga Boy is released from the vet clinic on Sunday, he’ll go to his new home, where he’ll live with several other cats.

“He is going to be a very happy kitty with lots of siblings waiting for him at home,” Masuri said. “For a common stray like Danga Boy, it is usually hard to get anyone to adopt immediately, and getting a response before the day even ends, makes me feel very satisfied and glad.”

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