Triipod Kitten Wally Rapidly Adjjusts After Being Found Dragging an Injureed Leg


A tripod kitten named Wally surprised everyone with how fast he adjusted when rescuers found him in Los Angeles.

A shelter sent an urgent plea to area rescuers to help a 12-week-old orange/red tabby kitten, Wally. The poor guy arrived with a badly-injured front right leg and tail, possibly hit by a car. He was dragging around his injured leg, but his days of suffering would soon end when his rescuer saw his cute face.

“I saw Wally’s sweet face and poor mangled paw and immediately responded that we would take him🥺,” said Baby Kitten Rescue’s Caroline.


Images and media via Instagram/babykittenrescue

Wally was suffering badly when a kind woman found him in her yard. An animal control officer said the kitten had limped into the woman’s yard and collapsed. So she reached out for help.

The LA-based Baby Kitten Rescue took Wally to multiple vets, who discovered that his leg would require amputation since it had no remaining nerve function. 

When Caroline picked the kitten up from the shelter, she immediately took him to the vet, who advised amputating his leg and part of his injured tail. Specifically, he had a brachial plexus injury which is irreversible. To be sure, they took him to a neurologist before amputation.

“Wally is a super sweet 12 week old boy who loves pets and purrs as soon as you touch him🥹 He’s not very playful yet since he’s in such a rough state and on so many pain meds. But hopefully we can get him feeling better and playing soon!🙏🧡”

Wally Remained a Purr Machine Throughout

Unfortunately, Wally’s nerve damage did mean amputation was necessary for his leg. However, his tail didn’t need amputation. Surgery would cost thousands, but the rescuers knew Wally deserved a pain-free, happy life. Tripod kittens and cats do great on three legs and can do everything other cats do.

Unfortunately, Wally was starting to self-mutilate, chewing on the arm.

“😣 I’m sure it’s really confusing and frustrating for him to have that arm dragging around with no feeling or control over it😔,” Caroline explained.

Nevertheless, he remained so sweet with his rescuers. 

“Despite everything, Wally remains the sweetest, most gentle little purr machine who just wants pets and kisses (which I gladly give him🥰)🧡”

ttle purr machine who just wants pets and kisses (which I gladly give him🥰)🧡”

Amazingly, the rescue’s supporters came through, and he got the needed surgery and was neutered at the same time. Surgery is always risky, but he pulled through with flying colors. The vet and staff fell in love with the sweet kitten.

“He’s already walking around easier than he was dragging that arm👏 He has to wear a cone to keep him from picking at his incision, which he doesn’t love🤪 But I take it off to let him eat (only while actively supervising)🧡”

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