Captaiin Jack the Cat Saved on the Treasuree Coasst After Owneer Passed Away on Saiilboat

A cat named Jack, dubbed Captain Jack online, survived over a week on a boat after his human died. He lost everything, but the story has a happy ending for the Captain.

When a cat’s human passes, they are often tragically left behind with nobody to care for them. We truly are their everything, and not a day goes by that they don’t show how much they love us for it, particularly rescued senior pets.

Captain Jack was a much-loved cat who lived with a man on a boat in Stuart in southeast Florida. Jack had a cat bed, toys, a scratching post, and all he needed in a small boat. They must have had a great life together and who knows where their adventures had carried them?

Cats have historically lived adventurous lives on boats. For example, it’s how the first Hemingway Cat arrived in South Florida. Their polydactyl toes helped them stay balanced. It could be how fluffy Maine Coon cats arrived in North America via the Vikings. We previously shared the story of a rescue that has helped thousands of cats aboard an Ark.

Captain Jack was Alone on the Sailboat for a Week

Sadly, Captain Jack’s human passed, and nobody discovered him for over a week. It must have been very traumatic for the kitty, but he was a loyal Captain and refused to leave the sailboat. After all, it was the only home he knew.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and Animal Services responded to a tragic situation, finding the terrified kitty hiding onboard. They determined they would rescue him and heroically did just that.

“It was a difficult task, but MCSO’s Animal Services Officers could not and would not give up trying to save a cat left behind on a sailboat after his owner passed away onboard,” the Sheriff’s Office shared.

Detectives removed the man’s body, saw the frightened kitty, and called in Animal Services officers. Officers Tabitha Queen and Shannon McGee didn’t give up, catching Captain Jack while wearing Tyvek suits. Then, they brought the precious cargo to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast.

There, he would recover from the traumatic loss and either go home with the man’s family or start a new life with a newly adopted family.

“Good work by a dedicated Animal Services team. Thank you for not giving up!” MCSO shared.

Officers Tabitha Queen and Shannon McGee save Captain Jack the cat via Facebook.

Captain Jack at the Treasure Coast 

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast shared more about Captain Jack. 

“His owner was all that Jack knew. With no other pets or family members to visit – it was just the two of them – always together,” they shared.

The Cap’n was Well-Loved

The rescuers noted that the cat was well-loved by the man.

“Found inside the boat were various cat toys, a comfy cat bed and scratch posts. It was obvious that this sweet senior boy was very much loved.”

The small sailboat where a man lived with Jack the cat.

Now, they will help Jack recover and start a new adventure.

“Jack is now resting comfortably and receiving medical care and TLC from our staff. He is not yet available for adoption, but he will be once he is medically and behaviorally ready. We are hoping that within a few weeks, Jack will be on the road to finding a new home – somewhere quiet and filled with love, just like his old home was.”

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast is holding a Christmas in July campaign to help cats like the Captain. You can participate online, visit the shelter, or call their number by phone. You can see more on their Facebook and Instagram.

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