Upon A Man’s Return From Work He Discovers Someone Sleeping In His Bed

Hayden Winter intended to get straight to bed after supper when he got home from work late Tuesday night. But as he entered his bedroom, he discovered a cat lying on bed. Fezgin, a neighborhood cat who has a happy life on the streets in Istanbul, Turkey, was quickly identified by Winter as the cat.

“Istanbul is basically a city of cats and dogs,” Winter told The Dodo. “It’s really great — people just feed them and they’re part of the community.”

Fezgin was snuggled up in Winter’s bed, staring up at him as if he were an intruder. Winter checked his window and discovered that she had climbed through the window to break into his apartment.

This wasn’t the first time Fezgin’d sneaked into his home, but she usually doesn’t jump into his bed. So, Winter was surprised when this time she decided to make herself comfortable in his bedroom.

Winter said, “She’s a touch wicked.” She is constantly having fun.

The cat and Winter’s pictures gained a lot of attention after they were uploaded to the private Facebook group Catspotting.

Fezgin didn’t stay that night, but Winter is considering letting her spend the night anytime she needs a place to sleep during the chilly winter.

Winter is certain that the cat will appear on her own if she needs warmth. I have no doubt that she’ll return, remarked Winter. “She’s the boss, like all cats in Istanbul.”

What would you do if you see a stray cat sleeping in your bed? Let us know your answers in comments below!

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