This Lovely Seal Got A Giant Ice Cake Filled With Fish On His 31st Birthday

This cutie from Cornish Seal Sanctuary had his birthday and turned 31. Grey seal had the best birthday party.

He couldn’t contain his joy when saw a giant ice cake filled with fish as a surprise for him.

Yulelogs was rescued by a marine park in the north of England when he was a very small pup.

Cornish Seal Sanctuary has said that the seal then was released into the wild once again.

“Three months after his release, Yulelogs was rescued by the RSPCA after receiving calls from concerned members of the public saying he had been chasing people with buckets on the beach, believing they contained fish,” the team of the sanctuary writes on their official website.

As you can see Yulelogs is so happy now and got pleased when saw the birthday surprise. He is described as a energetic and cute seal.

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