The Family of a Refugee Cat Is Reunited Through Miraculous Means

A cat that survived the perilous sea journey from war-torn Iraq to safer regions has been reunited with his family, whom he had almost completely forgotten about.
So many individuals joined together in a spectacular attempt to return this loving cat to his rightful home.

Dias, whose true name is Kunkush, was discovered by volunteers not long after.

Soon after volunteers discovered Dias, whose true name is Kunkush | SHRODES, AMY
When the cat was recovered by rescuers on the Greek island of Lesvos, they remembered how a family had gotten separated from their pet when they came ashore.

They were adamant about getting him back to his family.

Ashley Anderson, who helped launch the optimistic social media effort to reunite the cat with his family, told The Dodo, “This family undoubtedly spent thousands to acquire a space for themselves on this rubber boat – even newborns demanded a charge.” “They were concerned enough about this cat to bring him along.”

Greece is the primary entry point for the record-breaking number of individuals seeking asylum in Europe. A family fled Mosul, Iraq, aboard one of the small boats, a city currently under the authority of the violent extremist sect, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Anderson was one of the volunteers who swam out to assist individuals leaping from a sinking boat.

Like many other migrants, Kunkush traveled to Berlin. While Anderson and her colleagues continued their search, sending fliers to refugee centers across Europe, he was adopted by a foster family.

Then the unthinkable occurred.

“With the support of their neighbor, the family contacted us through our Facebook page,” Michelle Nihn, Reunite Dias’ social media coordinator, told The Dodo.

Soon after, a Skype connection allowed the family, now based in Norway, to see the pet cat they had lost during their travels.

The family “shed happy tears” upon seeing their little furry family member again, and they sent photos along of Kunkush when they were all once together in their previous lives in Iraq.

Kunkush travelled to Norway on Thursday, where his family awaited him.

On the route to Norway, Kunkush.

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