Nobody Wanted To Adopt This Shelter Cat So He Decided To Try A Unique Tactic To Get Adopters’ Attention

People often choose to adopt pets that perform and appear attractive while choosing a pet. Pets at shelters must thus be charming in order to be adopted quickly. However, there are situations when being adorable is not enough to get a forever home.

That is exactly what the three-year-old cat, Sigmund, did. This cat was known for being a cuddly kitty, but sadly, no one wanted to adopt him. He was having trouble getting people to pay attention to him, so he had to spend most of his life in the animal shelter Cat Haven WA.

He was adopted once, but his owners returned him to the shelter after just two weeks because he “played too rough.”

Although he was sent back to the shelter, Sigmund wasn’t deterred and always desired a forever home. And in order to avert such outcome, Sigmund devised a charming ruse to make himself known to both the employees and possible new families.

The clever cat began licking the glass window pane of his enclosure anytime a potential adopter walked by. When the staff at Cat Haven WA noticed Sigmund’s unique action, they began capturing some pictures of him and posted them on Facebook. They hoped that these pics would be able to get the attention of a potential adopter.

Fortunately for Sigmund, his wonderfully funny approach worked, and people started paying attention to him. It assisted him in relocating, and his new owners adore him for all of his eccentricities, grumpiness, and meticulous window cleaning!

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