Despite His Problem This Cat Is Taking Over The Internet With His Hilarious Facial Expressions

Rexie is live proof that being disabled does not entail being unable. Despite the fact that this 3-year-old kitten has a damaged backbone and is unable to move his two rear legs, he has a distinct and happy attitude. In fact, the adorable cat’s little face is so full of emotions that he’s been dubbed the Cat-King Of Bleps.

Dasha Minaeva, the house cat’s owner, said they have a model-photographer connection in an earlier Bored Panda entry. “There are never any disappointments!” she said.

Rexie was just a kitten when his former owners abused him, leaving him crippled and suffering from numerous feline health issues. The tabby cat, on the other hand, had learned to enjoy life to the fullest regardless of his circumstances over time.

“He has no idea he’s disabled,” Dasha tells Bored Panda. “He does everything that other amusing cats do. He can’t go to the bathroom or scratch his ears on his own, though. But that’s why he has a human!” After the kitten was saved, Dasha adopted it, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Minaeva got her beloved cat a bespoke wheelchair to assist it in travel around the home at first.

However, it quickly became obsolete. “He’s a lot better off without it.

Cats are extremely self-reliant and adapt well to their surroundings. On his two feet, Rexie is more mobile and at ease walking and running.”

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