The Cat Adapts 4 kIttens After Losing Its Own During Birth

Venus, the kitty, had given birth in a veterinary facility, but all of her babies died. She was introduced to four cats that had been abandoned in a park the same day.

Mothers in the animal realm also experience the loss of infants and progeny that were either not born or were simply born dead. And it is that, in addition to the grief that this might bring, it also has long-term effects for the animals who are forced to go through this

After having to go through the painful mourning of giving birth to lost babies, a gray cat in Brisbane, Australia, adopted a litter of orphaned newborn kittens.

Nikki, a volunteer at the Best Friends Felines shelter, drove the cat to the veterinarian facility so she could give birth. Unfortunately, the vets were unable to save the kittens, who died during the birthing process.

Venus, the kitten, was inconsolably heartbroken when she realized she would not be able to witness the kittens that had just been born as a result of this.

However, an occurrence would change his life: there was a litter of orphaned kittens at the same veterinary facility who had been abandoned in the midst of a park near the medical center.

Nikki was given these babies by the vets to test how Venus would react. Ella ” Ella began feeding and washing them right away. “Seeing a mother who has lost all of her babies receive infants who have never had a mother is one of those tear-jerking moments,” the woman added.

Thus, with the help of the other volunteers from Best Friends Felines, they took the family of kittens to a house that would serve as a temporary home. The foster caretaker, named Sarah, welcomed Venus and immediately noticed the affection that the cat felt for her adopted babies.

“ She is a love and very affectionate. She is doing a wonderful job with these little ones,” she said.

Venus has been closely monitoring the raising of her four children, from feeding them to training them to play and fight with one another. “Venus has gained some weight and is eating well (…) She often cuddles with them,” Nikki added.

The cats’ personalities have grown stronger, and they now have a lot more personalities than they did before. Venus has also transformed her personality, and she is now more extroverted and driven in general.

” Venus enjoys her alone time with her adoptive family and her new kittens. Nikki explained, “Her adorable and lively personality is coming out.”

Venus has been given a second shot at life, despite the grief of losing her young. “She’s done an incredible job with her small foster family, and now that all of the babies are large and strong, she’s ready to find her permanent home,” Ella, the volunteer, said.

One of the four kittens is now available for adoption, while the others wait for their turn to find their forever homes.

Credit: Best Friends Felines

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