Kitten Meows for Days Until She Finds Her Forever Home

Stray kittens are a major issue all around the world. Except for a few stray dogs that know how to find a loving home, their lives are typically cut short.

Pistachio is the name of the adorable little girl in the photo. Pistachio was living on the streets of Los Angeles as a stray.

The unfortunate kitten had no one to look after it. Pistachio, hungry and chilly, decided to attempt to attract the attention of anyone passing by.

He went from one house to the next, meowing at the top of his lungs. While he had no luck with any of them, Alley Cat Rescue’s employees heard his screams and took him in. The poor kitty cat turned out to be only 3 months old and extremely hungry.

Pistachio’s cries are heard near Desiree’s home by the volunteer who saved him. She discovered the kitten and brought him inside, giving him a full bowl of food. She then bathed him before taking Pistachio to the vet.

After a while, Desiree found a perfect foster home for the kitten. It only took a week before his character began to show. He’s a playful kitty who loves his foster family.

Pistachio is the most affectionate feline you’ll ever see, even after a difficult few months on the streets. We hope he had a good finish to his journey; not many animals had the same destiny.

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