Kitten Loses Its Ears But Her Mother Replaces Them

A sweet little black-and-white kitten was delivered to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. The unfortunate creature’s ears and a section of her tail were shockingly severed.

It’s incredible that the kitten survived such a harrowing ordeal, which will undoubtedly leave lasting emotional scars.

Fortunately, the vets were able to suture the wounds, and they were able to heal. The small kitten was naturally terrified of everything and everyone at first.

It wouldn’t allow anyone get too close. The feline was given the name Karma by the Humane Society employees, and they weren’t going to give up on her.

They began by attempting to re-establish Karma’s faith in mankind. Karma need a loving and supportive foster family in order to resume her normal existence. Thankfully, her new foster mother was able to supply all of this and more.

Karma’s mother noted that the kitten enjoys playing with toys as soon as she was brought home. As a result, she utilized them to form a relationship with the beleaguered feline. It took some time, but Karma and her new foster mother developed a strong attachment.

Her foster mother decided to manufacture a new pair of ears for the cat after she was entirely calm. She made Karma a charming pink and white headgear with ears, which she was surprised to find out she liked!

Despite her difficult start in life, the kitten is optimistic about the future now that she has a new set of ears.

Karma was just placed for adoption, and it took her many days to find a new permanent home. Of course, her new mom got her along with the replaceable set of ears.

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