A Kitten Follows A Cat Home And Refuses To Leave

All stray cats want is to find a loving home where they may live in safety. It’s just too hazardous outside, but hundreds of cats are forced to spend their whole lives on the streets. This one, on the other hand, is different.

Alice McColl observed a cat loitering around the neighborhood and decided to provide it with food and water. The cat reappeared a few days later with two kittens. The sight of the mother and her children living outside shattered Alice’s heart.

She decided to seek assistance from a shelter, but just one kitten remained until they came. Alice never saw the mother or the other kitten again after they went gone.


She realized at that time that the kitten needed all the assistance it could receive. She continued to look for it, and it eventually settled on her doorstep.

Alice couldn’t take it in because she already had a cat, Otley. Otley noticed the kitten one day when she was outside. It was initially terrified, but soon began following the cat around wherever he went.

Otley didn’t appear bothered in the least. In fact, he was having a good time with them. Otley befriended the sad kitten in no time, and Alice took it home with her.

The kitten fell asleep after a session of washing and a dish of food and drink. Birdie was Alice’s name for it, and it was glad to be back at home.

Birdie grew up swiftly and has always been Otley’s shadow. He adores her, and she likes the attention. Otley has taken on the position of big brother extremely seriously, lavishing affection on the cat on a daily basis.

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