Every Day An Enraged Stray Cat Appears At A Woman’s Window And Adopts a New Mother

Anastasia Sutcliff, who lives in Sheffield, England, has always seen a number of stray cats in her neighborhood.

Then one day she noticed a tabby cat hanging around under her window who was hissy and wouldn’t let her touch him.

Despite the fact that he looked to be furious all of the time, she was a compassionate person who placed food out for him. This happened every day, and she eventually realized he was sleeping under her window.

Despite his agitated demeanor, Anastasia got fond of this kitten and named him Tiger.

He was now a constant in her life and as he was always spending the night below her window she built him a little house so that he would be more comfortable.

It made her so happy when she opened her window the following morning and saw that Tiger was already installed in his new house. He knew that she had put it there for him. She gradually gained Tiger’s trust and was finally able to pet him. It was truly a happy moment for all.

Unfortunately, Anastasia was unaware that one of her neighbors had phoned animal control since the building had a no-pet policy. Seeing what she now considered to be her cat being hauled away in a cage broke her heart.

But their story doesn’t end there; after calling animal control, she learned that Tiger was being cared for in a foster home and that she was free to see him whenever she wanted.

Anastasia was able to adopt Tiger, although the procedure was extremely difficult due to her building’s no-pet regulation. Then she shared a video of her experience on social media, which moved everyone who viewed it.

The proprietors of the building eventually changed their minds and allowed Tiger to rejoin Anastasia’s life. Tears poured, and Tiger now spends his days with the one and only person who has shown him nothing but love.

Watch the following video:

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