After Rescuing Her Babies From A Landfill Rescuers Continued Their Search For A Cat

Last weekend, a resident of a Maryland apartment complex was putting out the garbage when he heard what sounded like a cat wailing. He followed the sound and discovered three little kittens crying out for their mother inside the garbage can.

The kittens were healthy and fat, indicating that they had been fed by the mother cat. The garbage cans are routinely hauled out on Mondays, so leaving the kittens there until the next day seemed risky.

After failing to locate the cat, the worried guy turned to Alley Cat Rescue in Maryland for assistance.

To ensure the kittens’ survival, rescuers took them in and set humane traps around the area for the mother cat. They were determined to find her.

Volunteers returned every day to check the traps, hoping to reunite the kittens with their mothers. “We kept looking for three days and finally got Mommy,” says Desiree Stapley of Alley Cat Rescue.

Champagne, the cat, was a bit embarrassed when she was led to the guardian who looked after her pups, but she immediately relaxed.

She rushed to the kittens’ aid and washed them all properly.

She finally began to eat from a dish, building her strength while simultaneously feeding the young peanuts, after violent shows of love for her beloved children.

After regaining custody of her offspring, sweet mommy let out a purr, vowing never to abandon them again.

Meanwhile, animal rights advocates have received another litter of four kittens discovered in a box in a local facility’s open garage. The orphans needed to be fed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They were escorted to the same lady who Champagne had an apartment with.

The mother built a cozy nest for the kittens and left them there for ten minutes. The bed was already empty when she returned.

Champagne appeared in her absence, took the children, and proceeded to care for them as if they were her own.


Surprising is the speed with which the nursing mother reacted to the orphaned kittens. She must have heard their meow and, without thinking twice, decided to adopt them.

The new four are about the same age as the first three. Now they all receive their mother’s care, food, and affection.

The furry trio ended up in a foster home last weekend.

This resulted in a large family of eight, headed by a loving mother, attentive to all children’s needs.

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