This Pregnant Cat Hasn’t Stopped Thanking Her Rescuers Since She Was Rescued

This pregnant cat hasn’t stopped thanking the people who helped her since she was rescued.
Seeing a rescued animal delighted for the fresh opportunity at life that they have given it is an extremely emotional experience.

Pandora is one of those kittens that, since arriving at her foster home, has been touching her new family with her paws to express her happiness and gratitude.

The cat was placed in a Melbourne, Australia foster home.

Because the lovely kitty was pregnant when she was rescued, she had even more reasons to be thankful.

He’d found a place to call home, where he’d have plenty of food and attention. But, most importantly, their children would enjoy a higher quality of life.

His troubles on the street are no longer a part of his life.

Pandora thanked and captivated the hearts of her carers even more between soft caresses and lovely purrs, Amber, who is an adoption volunteer for Hear No Evil and accepted responsibility for the future mother’s care, stated on the matter:

“She’s a real doll, very kind, and her markings are just stunning.”

Pandora had given birth to a gorgeous brood of four kittens just days after her rescue.

Although rescuers expected Pandora to be found in a few weeks, she was reportedly simply waiting to be in the right spot with the right people.

Amber was astonished to find Pandora holding the kittens when she entered the room.

Pandora became a mother for the first time, and despite her lack of experience, she did everything she could to care for and nourish her children.

Amber jumped in to assist the brave mother, washing the kittens and placing them near the mother to feed them. He stated the following in this regard:

“Sweet Pandora has no concept what motherhood is like, but she is a total love; she is much more interested in rubbing and purring than paying attention to the young creatures that have clung to her and refuse to let go.”

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts Pandora made, one of the hatchlings did not survive.

There were still three kittens to take care of and take care of, Pandora without a doubt, continued with her work and managed to make the kittens grow up healthy and strong.

The kittens were named Butters, Beans, and Banana.


The kittens seemed to perceive their mother as the key to survival, and they spent the majority of their time clinging to her.

The kittens were able to overcome the most difficult period thanks to Pandora’s determination and the tremendous effort of her foster family; just a few days after their birth, they opened their sensitive eyes and showed great curiosity in leaving the nest and started to explore the home.

Pandora showed her mother instincts by always being on the lookout for them.

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