This Cat Who Has Never Had A Home Can’t Believe It’s All For Her

Everything was unknown within the first several months of Jolie’s existence. She was discovered as a stray in Florida and was subsequently passed between rescues and foster homes.

She only desired a secure environment in which she could finally unwind, and when her future mother, Deanna McCallum, learned of her, she knew she could provide it.

McCallum told The Dodo, “She had been at Cape Ann Animal Aid for quite some time before I was able to meet her through Zoom.” “I realized she needed a caring home right away.”

Following that Zoom chat, McCallum made the decision to adopt Jolie and give her the permanent home she deserved.

McCallum wasn’t able to meet Jolie before picking her up, and when she arrived, she was already snuggled into her carrier, so she simply took the carrier and drove home.

When Jolie peered out of her carrier for the first time and saw her new home and mother, the two finally met.

“When we came home, she was quite nervous!” McCallum said, “I opened her container and let her explore about for a time.”

Jolie was clearly reluctant, but her new mother could see from the expression on her face that she was also taken aback by the fact that this was all for her. After so much uncertainty, Jolie was finally reunited with her family.

Even though it had been difficult not being able to meet and bond with Jolie before taking her home, seeing the smile on her face as she saw her new life for the first time was well worth the wait.

It took Jolie almost a week to properly settle into her new house, but once she understood she was staying, she began to unwind.

The rescue had given the impression that Jolie would have a tough time adjusting to her new surroundings, but McCallum was impressed by how kind and loving she was throughout the procedure. She simply wanted to be loved after everything she’d been through.

“Jolie is the kindest cat I have ever met,” McCallum said, adding that it took her a few weeks to warm up. “She’s never hissed at me, scratched me, or attempted to bite me.”

She has never behaved out in her life. She’s just a wonderful spirit in need of a loving home, and I’m so grateful to have her here with me.”

From the moment Jolie poked her head out of her carrier, she knew she was finally where she was meant to be.

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