A Newly Adopted Cat Can’t Sleep Unless His New Mother Holds His Paw

Jamie’s owner was forced to go into a nursing home and was unable to take him with her. The 13-year-old cat ended up at a shelter as a result of this.

Jamie was surrendered to the RSPCA Australia in the hopes of finding a loving home where he may spend the rest of his life.

Jamie had cat flu, terrible teeth, and renal issues when he initially came at the shelter. His teeth were extracted, he was treated for cat flu, and he was put on a special diet and medicine to improve his kidneys.

Jamie was already a senior cat, and the shelter was concerned that no one would want to adopt him – until he met Sarah Dempsey.

Dempsey went to the RSPCA Australia in search of a companion cat because she lived alone. She hadn’t intended to adopt a senior cat, but she knew it was meant to be the moment she saw Jamie.

“He was asleep when I initially saw him, but he awoke when I leaned down to look at him,” Dempsey told The Dodo. “He plainly wanted some pats, so I put my hand through the enclosure’s opening, and he purred and head-bumped me.

Later, the staff allowed him out to check how he was getting along with me, and he was adoring. I knew he’d come to my rescue if I was lonely, and I’d do the same for him.”

Jamie rapidly won Dempsey’s heart, and she decided to take him home with her the next day. One might imagine that a senior cat would have problems adjusting to a new home, but Jamie appeared to know right away that he would be adored for the rest of his life when he met his new mum.

Dempsey stated, “He won’t leave my side.” “Head-bumping and winding around my legs, he is quite loving. At night, he likes to chat to me and follows me around my flat.”

Jamie’s new mom discovered he wouldn’t nap unless she held his paw or tail because he was so anxious to be near her only a day after adopting him.

“He wakes up, meows, and scratches my hand back to him if I let go,” Dempsey explained. “I believe we’ve already formed a relationship.”

Jamie adores his new mother and never gets tired of spending time with her. Jamie is certainly ready for the assignment, since Dempsey was seeking for a cat to make her feel less alone.

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