A Man Rescued A Kitten That Had Fallen From A Bridge

A man was wandering along a river in Japan a year ago when he saw a small kitten fall off a bridge.

He rushed to the scene and discovered the cat alive and well, having been kept in a branch.

He saw that the kitten’s hind legs were paralyzed when he picked it up, which was terrifying. The only option was to take him home and seek medical help.

He chose to name the little calico Nene and help her find round-the-clock care to help her get back on her feet.

When she was introduced to the family’s other cat, she began to regain her vigor.

Uzu, a nice ginger rescue cat, came to say hi, and the two quickly became fast friends.

Nene began to regain use of her back legs as she became stronger. Every day, her muscles became stronger, and she was able to walk again.

She’s a completely different cat a year later, which just goes to show how a little love and care can dramatically transform a life.

Watch the following video:

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