The Most Aggressive Appearing Stray Cat Is Actually A Complete Sweetheart

When a Good Samaritan observed a grumpy-looking tabby loitering about her house in Akron, Ohio, she figured he didn’t want anything to do with her. He not only had a perpetual scowl, but he also appeared to have spent a significant amount of time outside.

However, as the woman grew to know the cat, she realized this was not the case.

On the exterior, the cat appeared to be furious, yet all he wanted was to be loved. So she reached out to Riggi Rescue to see if they might assist the frail, flea-infested stray.

“We had taken some shots of him when he first walked in, and he just looked so grumpy.” “Oh my god, is he nice?” I asked, and she said, “Oh yeah, he’s extremely pleasant.”

Melanie Anielski, the rescue’s primary foster mom. “That’s simply his face,” says the narrator. It doesn’t matter if he’s happy or joyful — he’s never truly upset – he’s constantly staring at you with that tiny frown, and you can’t help but laugh when you see him.”

The cat was given the name Giggles by the rescuers, and they set out to find his owner. Despite his wrinkled expression, Giggles looked relieved to be back in a family and made a point of thanking his foster parents.

“He has a really laid-back personality,” Anielski remarked. “He’s really relaxed; he’ll drop down next to you wherever you’re sitting and want you to scratch his tummy. As a result, he’s really affectionate.”

When no one claimed Giggles, the rescue shared a photo of him on their Facebook page to see if anyone knew him. They were taken aback when photos of the grumpy cat went viral in a couple of days, prompting adoption requests from all around the world.

“We were blown away since we’re just a little bunch of cat lovers, and now one of our cats is famous on Instagram,” said the group “According to Anielski. “It was a thrilling experience.”

The organization realized it was time to locate the beloved cat a permanent home after a month with his foster family. Fortunately, Giggles made choosing his new parents a breeze.

“It was an immediate connection when they first met, as if they’d known one other forever,” Anielski added. “It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen.” He just strolled up to his new mother, rubbed his hands on her legs, and flipped over, and he was instantly smitten.”

The grouchy cat is now Riggi Rescue’s spokeskitty, working to attract more people interested in rescuing and adopting cats.

He cuddles with his adoring family and two cat brothers when he’s not working, illustrating that appearances may be misleading.

“He really just wants human company,” Anielski said. “I believe he’s extremely glad that he finally gets it.”

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