Thanks To The Generosity Of People An Abandoned Kitten Lives

A cat about the size of your palm was discovered abandoned in a flowerpot. With the support of nice people, he healed and began to flourish.

Little Wanderers NYC, a New York-based all-volunteer rescue, got an urgent appeal (in late December) regarding a newborn kitten in need of rescue. “ The baby was found in a flowerpot in the driveway of a Woodhaven, Queens, household.

The guy who discovered the kitten looked around but couldn’t find the mother cat or any additional kittens. Olivia, the Little Wanderers database administrator, stepped into action and quickly arranged for the kitten to be placed in the hands of a knowledgeable bottle feeder.

The mother had not washed the kitten, leading rescuers to think she had abandoned the infant shortly after delivery. “We named this tiny survivor Tiny Tim (they assumed the kitten was a male at the time), and the cat is remarkably strong,” says the author.

At three days old, Angela Yu, a rescue foster volunteer, took care of the infant. Angela was worried about the kitten’s stomach troubles, and there were times when she wasn’t sure he’d be able to pull it off.

Angela took it on a daily basis and adhered to a tight and intensive eating regimen while receiving supportive care. The young warrior healed and brightened up after many rough nights. Angela was able to exhale a sigh of relief as she realized the cat would be alright.

They discovered that the kitten was actually a female when it grew older, but the moniker persisted.

Tiny is the nickname I’ve given her. Every time he cleaned her behind, she yelled. “It proved to me that I had the courage and will to survive,” Angela explained.

Tiny continued to impress his foster mother with his abilities, achieving milestone after milestone. She was able to eat from a dish on her own, and her personality blossomed.

“He jumped out of his playpen multiple times, so he can now run freely around my house,” Angela explained. “Everything is a toy to Tiny, and everyone wants to play with it.”

The boisterous kitten is always on the lookout for trouble. He enjoys playing tag with his foster mother and causing a slew of mischief in the process. She follows her person around everywhere and provides unlimited fun in the house.

Angela said, “I suppose the only time he (truly) sleeps is when I go to bed.”

Tiny continues to steal hearts with his dazzling personality and sweet, charming smile.

The potted kitten is thriving in foster care and she has no worries in the world.

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