Stray Kittens Are Rescued From The Road And Are Looking For An Ideal Family For Them

From the moment they first met, two rescued cats formed a remarkable bond. Cinnamon and Cardamon were saved from the streets and taken in by Oakland Animal Services.

Cardamon was the first to be rescued, and Cinamom, the orange kitten, came a few days later with a severe head bow and required a companion who could support you in your recovery journey.

Cardamom would make an excellent partner, therefore the rescuers did not hesitate to introduce them.

Fortunately, the two kittens got along swimmingly from the start, cuddling as if they were littermates despite the fact that they had never met before.

The two kittens like cuddling and hugging everyone in his vicinity.

Because the orange kitten’s position concerned his carers, they began doing treatments and massages to help him heal his neck.
Every day, with a lot of patience and due to the daily workouts, his condition improved; he could keep his balance while walking, and his neck got straighter and straighter; the tilt of his head became less noticeable over time.

Cinnamon’s neck was slightly bowed.

His devoted buddy Cardamom followed him throughout this procedure, and his carers wanted to locate him a foster home where they could continue his treatment, so they turned to Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco for assistance. The shelter’s founder, Amber Rose, had this to say:

“The healing is incredible. Cats like Cinnamon just need time. ”

Fortunately, they were placed in a foster home, where the kittens displayed all of the kindness that had infected them.

Snuggling with their humans had become their new favorite activity, so they approached their new foster parents with soft purrs and fell sprawled into their arms.

All it takes is their foster parent to lie down on the couch for the kittens to run off and lie on his lap. His adoptive mother highlighted:

“They will crawl upside down and sit next to you if you are seated or lying down, so they may be with you.” They never fail to purr. Every morning, I find them purring in my breast.”

Both kittens have won over not just their foster parents, but also the rest of the family’s furry members.

Cinnamon insists on hugging the 14-year-old puppy for a sleep, and Brandom, the couple’s dog, has become the perfect nap buddy.

These adoring felines make certain that no one in the household is left out of their devotion.

No matter what time of day or night it is, or where they are, they will always want to embrace and express their affection. Her foster mother had this to say about it:

“They both like cuddling at night.” Cardamon and Kanga (our resident cat) are waiting for me if I turn right. Cinnamon can be found if I turn left.

These two greatest friends have been in their foster home for several weeks, and their caretakers have determined that they should be adopted together. They will do everything possible to find them a home where they will be happy.

“They have a great bond and will be adopted as a group.” Cinnamon’s head tilt has almost entirely disappeared.

Cinnamon and Cardamon enjoy sharing their lives. For the time being, they will continue to enjoy all of the creature comforts of their foster home as they search for the ideal family who will embrace and receive all of the love these kittens have to offer.

Many fuzzy creatures are hoping for a second chance at life. Always keep in mind that our actions reveal all that is in our hearts. Adopt a cat and help them transform their lives.

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