Kittens with Crooked Legs Gets Proper Casts So It Can Grow Strong and Healthy

Some kittens, like humans, require medical assistance in order to grow robust. A litter of six kittens was recently discovered on the streets of Los Angeles by rescuers. Malbec, Burgundy, Pinot Noir, Chanti, Merlot, and Cabernet were their names.

They were just three weeks old when they were rescued, and following a vet examination, it was discovered that their legs were crooked.

The kittens required medical attention and were sent to a Culver City joint and bone animal facility.

Carpal laxity syndrome is the formal diagnosis for this illness. It’s an uncommon bone disorder that mostly affects pups. There is a ‘cure’ for the disorder, even if there is no obvious cause.

The kittens needed casts to help their legs grow properly, and they were fortunate enough to receive them.

Their legs should be alright now, but they will need to be checked on a frequent basis. The kittens are quite energetic and sweet, which is fantastic news.

The animal shelter workers would like to remove the casts as soon as possible and hope that the kittens’ legs get stronger.

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