12 Kittens In A Cage Left To Die In the Freezing Cold Saved by Good Samaritans

Some people just lack moral compass. We frequently hear about irresponsible people abandoning animals on the street or in the wild because they no longer wish to care for them.

But we’ve never seen anything as heinous as enclosing 12 kittens in a cage and abandoning them outside in the frigid weather to die.

A passer-by discovered this while walking through a snow pile in Campbell Country, Virginia. She was stunned to see 12 miserable kittens in the cage after attentively checking it, and she immediately contacted the Friends of Campbell County Animal Control agents.

A Heartbreaking Scene.

It was devastating when the agents came on the scene. The kittens were stuck in the cage in the middle of nowhere, in the snow. They were happy that the woman went for a walk as they could have died after a few hours.

When they arrived at a shelter, the first thing staff did was wrap them in blankets and take them to the vet. Fortunately, they are all healthy if they are weakened, and food will no longer be a problem.

They’ll be available for adoption as soon as they’re healthy. No one deserves such a life, and we’re relieved that these kittens were rescued.

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