After Being Rescued From The Streets The Blue Eyed Kitten Transforms Her Family’s And Her Own Lives

Nugget, a 3-week-old kitten, was found abandoned in the bushes and brought to a vet facility. The kitten, who was so young and infected with cat flu, was in serious need of help.

A vet nurse at the clinic appealed for assistance on a local social media forum. Cass, a volunteer with Foster Kittens Of Melbourne, posted, “I reacted instantly stating we will take him because he needs a fighting chance.”

His eyes were crusted shut and swollen crimson. Despite this, he was ecstatic.

Cass and her partner made a nice, warm nest in a playpen and began syringe-feeding the cat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nugget was so grateful for the assistance that he promptly took his medication and got his eyes cleaned.

The pair noticed something peculiar about this pint-sized treasure a few days after arriving.

He is deaf, yet he has an extraordinary ability to communicate in his own way. He can run about, explore, be cuddled, and interact with other cats while playing. He is completely unaware that he is deaf and has developed his own unique style of communicating with us.

During a typical work day a man was interested in adapting a kitten. He saw this beautiful kitten with sky blue eyes and immediately fell in love with her.

He took it and immediately began to stand in the arms of the human father.

“We would do anything for him. He deserves every opportunity to live a long and happy life.”

Kotee also likes to play with children. She, along with her human brothers and sister, play and dance, but continues to be unaware that she is deaf.

Despite this, the family adores him and they are able to do everything for him.

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