For Ywars, A Three-Legged Cat Wandered The Streets Before Finding Her Perfect Forever Home

Every now and then, you’ll meet a buddy who is so wonderful that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them. That is the type of relationship that these two Canadian families were fortunate enough to discover with the help of a very unique cat.

Bubby, the cat, showed up on Boyd Abbott’s property around 10 years ago and began eating some food that had been put out for another stray.

The three-legged cat, on the other hand, didn’t take long to capture Boyd’s heart. “He began to enter the home,” Boyd explained.

Rhonda Wiseman, Boyd’s daughter, stated, “We all got to know him, we all fell in love with him.” “My father and Bubby just had this wonderful relationship, and it was very tight.”

Rhonda explained, “It was his little pal, his nightly companion… they loved each other.”

Boyd’s family was devastated when they lost track of Bubby, knowing how much the cat meant to him. They were worried that Bubby had been hurt.

A photo that looked extremely familiar was posted on the Exploits Valley SPCA Facebook page over two years later. It was, without a doubt, Bubby!

Ray Pinsent, Boyd’s former neighbor, had launched a community-wide hunt for Bubby after noticing the cat wandering the streets. Ray immediately recognized Bubby and made it his goal to find and save the cherished kitty.

Bubby chose to return to Boyd’s house, a place where he had before found solace and affection. Ray was instantly alerted by the newcomer.

Ray was pleased and raced over to take Bubby to the vet for an examination and treatment.

Sarah McLeod, an Exploits Valley SPCA volunteer, described Bubby as “dehydrated ”

Boyd’s family was overjoyed when Bubby was discovered. Sarah, of course, knew she’d never be able to let him go, so she decided to bring Bubby home with her, with Ray’s permission.

Sarah commented, “How fortunate am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so difficult.”
“Bubby, we’ll always love you.”

Rhonda, Boyd’s daughter, was pleased that Bubby had found such a caring home she added.

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