A Philadelphia Contractor Spends Eigh Hours Rescuing 16 Cats From An Abandoned House’s Wall

An animal-loving contractor made a surprise finding at work this weekend, according to a Sunday Facebook post by the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT Philly).
“For a contractor working on an abandoned property, Sunday started a little differently. Homeowners had heard noise from the walls, and when they opened the wall, they discovered nine adult cats and seven kittens,” ACCT Philadelphia said in a report. tire.

“Thankfully, he was able to pull them in and bring them to us,” the housing staff said, “but it took eight hours.” Unfortunately, one of the kittens that was removed from the wall died shortly after it was rescued.

The surviving animals “owe their lives” to the kind contractor who discovered them, according to ACCT Philly, because many of the cats are in critical need of medical treatment and wouldn’t have survived much longer within the wall.




ACCT Philly is inviting cat lovers who have been affected by this tale to help the cats recuperate. The shelter is searching for foster homes for the cats who were removed from the wall, as well as permanent homes for its other felines. ACCT Philly is constantly accepting donations to assist them continue their lifesaving work for individuals who are unable to welcome a pet.

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