Two Newborn Young Sisters Cling To The Side Of The Road In The Hopes Of Surviving

Two little girls banded together to combat the terrible scenario they found themselves in just a few days after birth. His story is quite emotional, particularly towards the end.

Sparkle Cat Rescue, a North Carolina-based volunteer rescue, was notified about two tiny kittens that were less than 24 hours old. They were discovered on the side of the road together, without a mother.

The kittens need immediate medical attention and rescue. Sparkle Cat Rescue went into action and arranged for a volunteer to take them to their foster home in North Carolina.

Because they had never been with their mother and because they were little and frail, these little calico sisters faced an uphill battle. The infants were bottle-fed twenty-four hours a day by Sarah Kelly, the rescue manager.

After a full meal, they happily relaxed into their comfortable incubator (which helped regulate body temperature) and fell asleep almost immediately. Soleil and Luna were the names given to the tiny ones.

These little calico sisters faced an uphill struggle since they had never been with their mother and because they were little and weak. Sarah Kelly, the rescue manager, bottle-fed the babies twenty-four hours a day.

They pleasantly relaxed into their comfy incubator (which helped maintain body temperature) after a big dinner and promptly went asleep. The small ones were given the names Soleil and Luna.

Soleil is just like her sister in terms of being upbeat, pleasant, and optimistic. It’s a machine that purrs all the time. She enjoys turning her back on the kisses and caresses she receives on her tummy. He paws excitedly all the time, and Sarah always smiles when he sees him.

Luna’s cheerleader has been this tiny light of joy. She is constantly cheerful and interested about the world around her.

When the kittens were ready to venture out of their nest and learn to walk, they moved into their own playpen . Soleil put her paw on her sister, taking care of her.

The pair was ecstatic to begin exploring their new surroundings. They were roaming about the neighborhood, exploring every nook and cranny while never losing sight of one other.

Soleil continues to treat her sister on a daily basis. She cuddles her sister whenever she gets the opportunity and wraps her arms around Luna while they slumber.

The kittens are doing well in foster homes at three weeks old. They still have a long way to go in terms of development and mischief. As they continue their journey home, the close pair will never part.

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