Nothing Will Stop A Very Unique Kitty From Living And Beiing Happy Now That He Has Been Given A Second Opportuniiity

The head of Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue, Rachel Linman, was informed of a special needs kitten born to a stray cat at a shelter. He was the lone survivor of the entire brood, and he clung to life with all his might.

“We welcome animals with unique needs from all around Texas.” “We’re concentrating on the weak,” Rachel explains. – He was born with a unilateral cleft lip and a cleft at the front of the hard palate; he was born without a functioning nose and, most likеly, without a right eye.”

Rachel took him in and began feeding him through a tube 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Little Voldemort, or Voldy, as he was known, began to feed voraciously and gained 20 g every night.

“I kept telling myself that if only he lived 24 hours, then there would be hope. A day later, I repeated that if he lived a week, he would definitely get out, ”adds Rachel.

Baby Voldy showed full vitality: he crawled on the bed, meowed when he was hungry, and resembled a newborn.

“He’s a rogue.” He notifies me if I am even a few minutes late with the night feeding. “He also enjoys having his stomach stroked,” Rachel adds.

“The fact that he is gaining weight and exercising demonstrates that he is a warrior.” He is desperate to live.”

The striped youngster, who weighed 63 g at the time, grew to 100 g in a week and then surpassed it. His lungs are in perfect working order, and he has an incredible amount of energy.

Rachel recalls, “Every day was a milestone.” “He made the decision to demonstrate to everyone that he had a right to life.”

Voldy’s capability for breathing via his nose is studied and weighed by the carers in collaboration with the vets.

“Without opening his mouth, he breathes via a cleft lip. “Right now, we’re considering a few solutions for resolving the situation,” she says. “The vets who conducted the exams say he has a wonderful future ahead of him.”

“Babies with the so-called cleft palate should not drink milk from a nipple or from their mother, because they can suffocate and die quickly. Tube feeding is the only way to savе their lives. Few people know how to properly feed through a tube, and this is one of the reasons why we started accepting kittens with a cleft palate,” says Rachel.

“The vast majority of people are unaware that, with the right care, these kittens can also have a great life. In the hands of experienced rеscuеrs, they thrive as well as the rest.

Voldy, the baby, is already a week old. He’s doing incredibly well and improving every day.” We are doing everything we can to ensure that the youngster has a good quality of life.

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