The Kitten With A Precious Face Is Happy After Being Rescued

Ashley Kelly, an animal advocate with Wrenn Rescues in Southern California, learned of a little kitten that requires special care last month. A compassionate guy discovered the infant under a car engine after hearing his cry.

The moment the cat was brought to safety, someone recognized something unique. The infant, who is black and white, was born with what is known as a bilateral cleft lip, however his palate seems to be unaffected.

His eyelids were closed, and the umbilical cord had not yet detached. He had a strong resolve to live from the outset despite his modest size. He was instantly seized by Ashley, who brought him to her.

She began to feed him around the clock through a tube and carry out general strengthening procedures. “The guy had a bit of a cold, so he needed antibiotics and nebulizer therapy,” says Ashley.

The kitten was placed in an incubator with soft blankets and toys. In a comfortable bed, satisfied and well-fed, he quickly fell asleep.

Odahviing, a kitten named after the character in the video game, said categorically that he could not be easily broken. He gained weight and strength fast from wholesome diet, affection, and cuddles.

The cub also proved to be quite demanding and didn’t think twice about telling the foster mother what he needed.

By the eleventh day, the kitten opened his eyes and looked at the world for the first time. Proudly sticking out a healthy plump tummy, he absolutely enjoyed being picked up and caressed after each feeding.

When his eyes opened fully, he looked around more closely and tried to explore with activity and curiosity, growing every day.

On the second week he stopped feeding through the tube, and it was another success.

“He was able to switch to a syringe with an elongated cone through which I poured milk. Because of the cleft lip, he can’t suck,” Ashley explains.

He rapidly increased in size and also developed a personality. A well-fed, happy, and vocal infant outgrew the hands of a foster mother at the young age of just three weeks.

“He has a strong, loud voice, plenty of demands, and a lengthy, muscular body. I eagerly anticipate its blossoming.

A cute kitten is contented in his environment, surrounded by a caring family who can provide all of his wants. After feedings, he incessantly cries out for a cuddle and adoreably purrs.

According to Ashley, “He loves to have his stomach massaged and petted, very pleasant, purring.”

Odahviing is four weeks old, and his baby teeth are sprouting. He’s already begun to hobble and strengthen his leg muscles, as if he’s about to take the world by storm.

When he is old enough, he will switch from milk to solid food, like a big cat. His cleft lip will not cause problems for such a hero

The kitten has a bright future because of the rescues and volunteers, and he is already content right now.

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