The Dwarf Kitten Has Made Wonderful Pals Who Are Willing To Defend Him From Harm

When Baby Weedley and his sister were 6 weeks old, they were taken to the Kitten Inn charity in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Locals instantly observed that the red-haired youngster stands out among his friends as the tiniest.

Weedley, despite his little size, was bursting with enthusiasm and proudly proclaimed himself with a loud meow. He was terrified of being alone and wanted for affection at all times.

For a while, Jessie, the veterinary nurse, brought him and his sister home. Our red-haired hero enjoys snuggling close to warm things. He buried his snout and clung on her shoulder as soon as the woman grabbed him in her arms.

In comparison to the others, Jessie noted that the kitten was not developing at all. “It hasn’t grown in size in months.” “The sister and half-brothers grew up normally and returned to the orphanage to ask for adoption shortly after,” Jesse adds.

“Vidli was still there. We were completely unaware of how deeply he had touched our hearts.

For a quiet hour, he needs company.

Weedley can only sleep next to his people. He is a very clingy kitten who wants to feel loved all the time.

Jessie brought the pet to work virtually every day since the cub couldn’t take being alone and trailed behind the mistress.

“He’s a docile cat who clings to everyone, whether they like it or not,” Jesse says. He is a kind and friendly creature. Will not pass up the chance to hop on your shoulders to get a little higher off the ground. He is the pride and pleasure of my life

Credit: Jessie @ trashcanjonesfosters

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