When They Enter The Room They Find Their Kid In The Crib With The Cat Staring At Her And They Freak Ou

Leaving a small child in the care of a pet can be perceived as irresponsible by some, and as a result, it is criticized and targeted by networks. Many people believe that no matter how much we trust animals, we never know what might happen to a helpless creature like a newborn.

Although there is no more devoted and protective companion than a dog for dog lovers. The fact is that it is the love with which they are trained that matters, not the species. They’ve already proven to us that they can become the finest babysitters in the world on multiple times.

A viral video that has gone popular on Facebook portrays the sweetest side of one of the creatures that has been unfairly maligned by some: cats.

Loyalty arguments between dog and cat owners are common, but the fact is that the humans of this pussycat have no concerns about their friend’s loyalty.

As if she were its genuine little sister, the kitty cuddled its owners’ daughter.

Through the Facebook group Eu Amo Gatos, lovers of this species often share funny and tender videos that vindicate the loyalty of this species. But a few weeks ago there was a post that just left everyone sighing fondly for the scene.

Apparently an Asian family came out of their little girl’s room.

They left the baby alone while the cat looked at her without imagining the scene they would find later.

Some have blamed the parents for the baby’s neglect, although the fact is that they did not leave the house. They’d be near by in case something unusual occurred. They were even convinced that the kitty could look after their young person better than anybody else…

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