The Woman Finds The Lone Kitten Crying And With Infected Eyes

When a kind-hearted woman went to examine what she thought was a bird in her yard one night, she discovered an orphaned cat in dire need of rescue. The tiny orphan’s eyes were crusted shut owing to a serious illness, and he was crying incessantly for his mother, who was nowhere to be seen.

The Good Samaritan called Sarah Kelly, the founder of Murphys Law Animal Rescue, because she knew the kitten’s demands were beyond her ability (North Carolina).

“She went seeking for a catbird she thought she heard, but instead found a kitten,” Sarah explained.

The kitten, now named Harvest, was rescued the day after he was discovered. A warm compress was used to clean his eyes, and a topical lotion was given to help them recover.

“His eyes were infected terribly, but we cleaned him up in the hopes of catching it in time.”

Harvey regained his sight 24 hours later when he opened his eyes. To assist maintain his body temperature, he was placed in an incubator. He had a lovely soft toy to cuddle up to, and for the first time in his life, he could sleep well.

Harvey’s personality began to flourish as he recovered. To begin with, he was clearly a talkative kitty; his voice only became stronger as he grew stronger, and he was not hesitant to use it.

Harvey shouted at the top of his lungs whenever Sarah came into view with his bottle; Sarah was never quick enough for Harvey.

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