The Kitty Learns To Love Again After Surviving From A Terrible Life On The Road

Nikki Martinez, a Las Vegas-based animal rights activist, has taken in a terrified fluffy female who was discovered while catching wild seals for castration.

The youngster was discovered with other stray kittens, but she was the most terrified of them all.

Nikki growled and thrashed her paws with all her might every time she tried to make contact. The other kittens soon adjusted to life at home, but Sugar, an angry young lady, had to work hard on herself…

She covered the cat in a nice burrito-style blanket and rubbed the back of the kitten in a pleasant and soothing manner.

Sugar was restless, and at times she would gaze at her foster mother with a frozen, terrified expression. Nikki attempted hand-feeding her, ostensibly for social reasons.

“This (wet food and snacks) is a tool for me.” “I want her to link my presence with good things,” Nikki explains.

Sugar gradually calmed down, scared looks were less frequent, and she began to pound her paws. The kitty eventually achieved a breakthrough after weeks of constant snuggling, patience, and hard effort.

“After sitting under the table for weeks, terrified, avoiding eye contact and turning stone, she is still eager to play with me for the first time in her life as soon as I enter the room,” Nikki adds.

Sugar even ventured out of her confined location the next day to play with her foster mommy. Nikki was overjoyed at the development.

“Working with timid or irritable kittens while wanting to do everything properly for them is far more difficult in actuality than it appears on paper. Over the years, I’ve cracked a lot of difficult nuts, but she truly made me sweat!

Sugar was still a little odd; for example, if someone came into the room, she could flee and hide.

Nikki proceeded to shower her with love and compassion in order to help her acquire confidence and conquer her fears.

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