Kids Swoop In To Save Kitten In Casts On Sidewalk

A bunch of youngsters were playing outside their Phoenix apartment complex when they came upon a very little cat — and immediately recognized there was something wrong with her.

Kathy Hamel, head of Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue, told The Dodo, “I’m sure they had no idea what to make of what they saw and they carried her home to ask their parents what to do with her.”



The young kids rushed the kitten inside one of their apartments, and their parents were shocked and confused when they saw that the kitten had two makeshift casts completely covering her back legs.

Why someone would try to help a kitten like that and then just abandon her, no one could quite figure out. Assuming the casts meant her legs were broken, the parents decided to contact Hamel, who is well-known in the rescue community, in hopes that she could somehow help the tiny, struggling kitten.

“I knew as soon as she came, I’d rush her up to my vet,” Hamel said. “One of her finders was a small girl, maybe 4 years old, when she was brought to me.” Cupcake was her name, and I assured her that I liked it and would keep it!”

Cupcake was safe and well in Hamel’s care, so the two climbed in the vehicle and drove to the vet to check out what was wrong with her. Even though the kids and their parents had informed Hamel about the scenario previously, she was nevertheless surprised and perplexed, staring down at little little Cupcake.

Cupcake was underweight, dehydrated, and emaciated in addition to the casts, and Hamel knew she wouldn’t have lived more than a day on her own.

“She was a sight to behold,” Hamel remarked. “I have to say, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” Aside from the strange apparatus she was dragging behind her, she was a tiny little thing! In the photo, she appeared to be considerably larger.

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