After The Owner Passed Away The Kitten Had Survived Alone For Weeks At Home

Purrfect Cat Rescue of Crystal Lake, IL, took in a cat called Wishbone in May of this year who had been trying to survive on her own after her owner died! She was dehydrated and hungry, not just for food but also for attention, because she was alone in her house with her deceased owner. She’d been discovered barely in time.

“Beautiful Wishbone is one of our newest favorites. Purrfect Cat Rescue commented on Facebook, “She is very sweet…constantly purring.”

Wishbone had a medical problem that had gone untreated, in addition to her emaciation.

“She’s had a very difficult time recently. We were fortunate to have saved her in time after she was discovered living with her deceased owner for weeks. I’m hyperthyroid and emaciated. “I’m not paying attention.”

Wishbone was finally lavished with attention now that she had been rescued, in addition to being showered with food.

Purrfect Cat Rescue says, “We have reassured her that she is extremely adored and will never be lonely or hungry again.”

Wishbone, like many of us, has a favorite dish. The tough aspect was that if it wasn’t accessible, she would often dismiss what was offered.

“Unfortunately,” they stated, the Fancy Feast Savory Centers were “very difficult to come by.”

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