A Four Eared Cat Gets His Forever Home

The financial analyst from Pennsylvania, US, discovered the one-year-old rescue kitten while helping at Animal Safe Haven and Adoptions.

Swati decided to accept Aslan and give him a lifelong home after seeing him alongside 14 others who had been rescued from a colony.

‘He’s a darling,’ she remarked. He has to sleep close to me every night and grip my arm.

‘He is very talkative and social cat. He loves and demands to go for walks.


‘Whether it comes from a cat, a dog, or a person, he enjoys food.’ He insists on trying everything, and if he doesn’t receive what he wants in the form of food or treats, he steals it and runs away.’

Last June, ASHA notified Swati, 41, about a swarm of cats loitering outside an auto repair shop.

‘I got a call that 14 kittens from a colony had been saved,’ she continued. When I went to pick up the new pups, I was told there was a small cat with four ears.

‘I’ve never seen a cat with four ears.’ This mutation was completely unknown to me.

‘I was taken aback. I shouted and began giving him hugs and kisses as soon as I saw him. He was the size of my hand, and he was so little. But I had a feeling he’d accompany me home.

‘It was love at first sight,’ says the narrator. He was really adorable!’

Aslan’s additional ears don’t make much of a difference, although he does have some feeding problems.

‘He struggles to eat, yet he licks his kibble,’ the adoring owner added.

‘Even wet food gets pushed off the plate or the corner of a dish by his tongue,’ says the author.

Angel, his cat cousin, and Kingston, his dog brother, like racing around and playing with the energetic kitten.

‘He has been leash trained, and we go on walks in the backyard,’ Swati added. He wanders around the house meowing so loudly when he’s bored.

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