A Prematurely Born Kitten Turns Into The Most Beautiful Stuffed Animal You Have ever Seen

Murphy’s Safe Haven says, “She was born bald, preterm, and had a terrible time growing back.”

Both kittens were infected with feline panleukopenia or cat distemper. Although the kittens’ odds were bleak, Audrey and her staff worked tirelessly, feeding them through a tube 24 hours a day and giving medication and care.

Despite the rescuers’ best attempts, the kitten-brother did not survive. The kitten-sister hung in there for another week before noticeably improving. She became excited and began to make her demands.

The tricolor baby was making progress. She had a huge appetite, followed by a healthy fat. With newfound strength, she began to play and fight with toys, roll on her back and show her stomach. People decided to call her Emilia.

As soon as the girl was strong enough to roam, she tried to climb on everything she could reach with her tiny paws.

Emilia was kept warm and comfortable in an incubator while her daily therapy and feeding routine proceeded.

She turned out to be a terrific hunter for attention and caresses, as well as a food lover. The baby attentively watched the preparations from her warm nest when Audrey entered the room with a bottle.

Emilia is behind in terms of growth, but she makes up for it with a lively personality and bravery. “She has a wonderful personality. Audrey describes her as “a fluffy bundle of enthusiasm.”

She started studying the surroundings and taking an interest in the birds outside the window as soon as she got out of the incubator.

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